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The Stage At Burke Junction is El Dorado County’s newest, Non-Profit professional theater organization dedicated to sharing wonderful and entertaining performing arts experiences for our community.   The Stage audiences can expect to see high caliber theater, performed by local and regional talent equal to anything you might see in San Francisco or Chicago.  


Our passion is to produce shows that uplift our human experience, up close and warm.  Live contemporary and classic American theater, dance, song, sadness and laughter taking place on a stage that is surrounded on 3 sides by you, our honored guests…so close you can feel the actor’s heartbeat and witness their character struggles and triumphs.  We offer humanity’s most natural screen-replacement therapy, even if it’s only for a few hours.  Our mission is to honor the legacy of generations of writers, performers, and stagecraft that give us all the healing miracle of performance that inspires the best in all of us.


We look forward to your entrance to our little theater, and we hope you will have time to discover the shops, services and restaurants at Burke Junction, complementing your moment of culture and thought and taking shape at our unique old timey shopping center.

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